The Cash Flow Forecasting Planner

The #1 Key to Building a Life and Law Practice You Love–Get honest about the numbers of your law practice.

Cash Flow Forecasting is Critical to Growth

  • Know exactly what you need to do and in what order to grow your law practice into the one you actually want.

  • Learn how to make strategic financial decisions to build your law practice with confidence. Looking at the numbers of your law practice can be terrifying when you first get started—especially when you've never been trained how to make wise choices based on what you see. Should you invest? If so, where? And when? And how much?

  • Get insights into any financial missteps you might have made in the past and how to course correct. We get it, our founder and CEO, Ali Katz has been there. She didn't figure out this part of business until she had already built a million dollar law practice, and then lost it all, because she didn't know how to manage her cash flow. She created this tool as a result, and it's been the #1 key to being able to rebound and create the life and law practice she desired. She has run multiple million dollar businesses using this tool. And, now, you can use it and make it your own.

What's Inside:

  • Three Scenarios

    This tool comes with data for three different law practice scenarios already populated for you to better visualize what is possible.

  • Customizable Numbers

    Edit this template with real numbers specific to your practice to track all sources of cash going out and coming in so that you have a clear picture to base your financial decisions on.

  • Giudance

    Watch a tutorial video by Ali Katz, CEO and Founder of New Law Business Model, where she walks you through how to use the tool step by step.

It's time to regain control of your numbers and start mastering the business side of your law practice.