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Beyond Sales Strategies: Imagine Having a High Value Service that Sells Itself

Sales are a critical component of your business. And, without a high value service, it doesn't matter how great your sales strategies are ... you either won't sell or you'll feel terrible about it when you do.

Consider how great it would be to have a high value service that sells itself. In this Masterclass, we're going to lay all the details out for you. Register now.

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Misty is just one example of our 475+ Personal Family Lawyer firms using Life & Legacy Planning as a high value service that cannot be replaced by AI. Register now to hear all about it!

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You will learn:

  • How to create a high value service that is priced and packaged so you can deliver it with support, and do not have to try to do everything alone just to save money…having the right technology and a team lets you scale, and that costs $$—with the right high value service, you can pay for it.

  • The secrets of effective intake and engagement systems that result in at least 80% of the people you meet with hiring you and paying you in full for your services

  • A proven system for educating your community so that you are omnipresent, seen everywhere by the people you love to serve—and seen as a respected expert/authority

  • How to not only retain, but continuously grow your book of business by providing your clients with the connection they want, expanding your emotional IQ, and offering a lifetime of relational support that can never be replaced by AI

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Ali Katz

Founder & CEO of NLBM & PFL

Ali Katz (formerly Alexis Martin Neely CA Bar #: 212365) graduated first in her class from Georgetown Law in 1999, where she was also a John M. Olin Law & Economics Fellow and began to get the idea that something new was needed. She then clerked on the 11th Cir and was an associate at Munger Tolles & Olson, before leaving to start her own law firm, Martin Neely & Associates. Ali grew her law practice from scratch into a 7-figure business in just 3 years by inventing a new way of serving client families in her community. She then wrote the best-selling book on legal planning for families, Wear Clean Underwear (now in 2nd edition), and created the LIFTed Business Advisor programs to help business owners make legal and financial decisions with their eyes wide open. Ali has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America and radio across the US as a family, financial and legal expert. Today, Ali has trained and licensed over 500 lawyers as Personal Family Lawyer firms, who all use her unique heart-centered counseling based methodology for educating their communities and serving their clients.

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Beyond Sales Strategies: Imagine Having a High Value Service that Sells Itself

Free Masterclass for Lawyers
Register now to hear exactly how Misty is using Life & Legacy Planning as a high-value service to build a life and law practice she loves!