How to Price Your Legal Services and Quote
Your Fees Mastercourse for Estate Planning Lawyers

Ali Katz

Founder & CEO of New Law Business Model & Personal Family Lawyer

Joshua Ryden

Personal Family Lawyer

Lawyers, you're losing clients because of how you’re presenting your fees. Sign up for this 90-minute class with Ali Katz and lawyer Joshua Ryden, and learn how to implement a legal pricing structure that is currently helping 522 lawyers quote their fees and get hired just about every time by the people they meet with.

  • You’ll learn the exact system that Ali paid $22,340 to consultants to create with her, after she got sick and tired of spending up to 4 hours with clients just to hear “I have to think about it.”
  • Ali will teach you the exact pricing strategy and fee quoting system that she created, and that lawyers have been paying her thousands of dollars to teach them since 2006.
  • Plus, you’ll get the exact multi-million dollar fee schedule that has been responsible for well over $100M of legal service sales, and you can use yourself immediately after the event.

Mastercourse for Estate Planning Lawyers (and Those Who Want to Be)

Price, package and quote your fees so that you get hired
by just about every client you meet with at an average fee of $4500-$6500
for estate planning services your clients love to receive.

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On the Mastercourse

You will learn:

  • Our proven fee quoting system (that cost me $22,340 and 3 months working with consultants to create) that has now helped hundreds of lawyers engage well over $100M of estate planning services over the past 15 years

  • Exactly what to say to present your fees and help your clients choose their own fee, so the question is not whether they are going to hire you, just what they are going to pay when they do

  • Plus, we’ll give you the very same fee schedule that 522 lawyers are now using to consistently engage at least 80%+ of the clients they meet with at an average fee of $4500-$6500, even in small communities where other lawyers charge just $1500


You’ll Receive
The Million Dollar Fee Schedule

If you aren’t using a fee schedule and supporting your clients to choose their own fee, you’re missing the boat. But, you may be afraid to use a fee schedule because you don’t know how to create a good one, especially when it seems like all your clients are so different. And, it’s hard to know if you’ve got it right—or even what you should base it on, how to handle custom situations, and how to explain what you’re charging so clients understand and want to pay your fees. That’s exactly why I invested $22,340 to create this exact fee schedule, and it was a huge turning point for my law practice—I engaged pretty much everyone I met with at average fees of $3,500 to $4,500 and most of our lawyers command much more now—and we’ll include it with the course materials when you sign up.

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Ali Katz

Founder & CEO of NLBM & PFL

Ali Katz (formerly Alexis Martin Neely CA Bar #: 212365) graduated first in her class from Georgetown Law in 1999, where she was also a John M. Olin Law & Economics Fellow and began to get the idea that something new was needed. She then clerked on the 11th Cir and was an associate at Munger Tolles & Olson, before leaving to start her own law firm, Martin Neely & Associates. Ali grew her law practice from scratch into a 7-figure business in just 3 years by inventing a new way of serving client families in her community. She then wrote the best-selling book on legal planning for families, Wear Clean Underwear (now in 2nd edition), and created the LIFTed Business Advisor programs to help business owners make legal and financial decisions with their eyes wide open. Ali has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America and radio across the US as a family, financial and legal expert. Today, Ali has trained and licensed over 500 lawyers as Personal Family Lawyer firms, who all use her unique heart-centered counseling based methodology for educating their communities and serving their clients.

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How to Price Your Legal Services and Quote Your Fees Mastercourse for Estate Planning Lawyers

Mastercourse for Estate Planning Lawyers 
(and Those Who Want to Be)
Learn exactly how to present the “affordable premium” pricing model that allows you to be the most affordable option for your clients while still collecting premium fees that allow you to deliver a truly meaningful service.